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Hack’n Stalk – 0.4

Day 2 free roam, TENNIS LESSON and SHOPLIFTER quests.
New scenes to unlock added to the gallery
Auto-save system. The game will now create up to 5 auto-save points during long scenes (older auto-saves are automatically removed)
New ‘LOAD’ button on info screen (you don’t need to go back to title to load anymore)
Improved text skip speed by holding ‘Z’ key
Minor status score tuning on earlier scenes and at the game beginning

– Again, it’s possible to load a saved game from a previous version, but it may cause some bugs (note that TENNIS LESSON quest might not be activate due to a bug fixed only in v0.3.1). You can load your old save to quickly check new content, but it’s recommended to start a new game. Some minor changes on day 0 and day 1 might affect your gameplay. Sorry about that, but this is project a WIP (and new versions aren’t simply ‘new chapter’ releases, they may always change early parts of the game)

– Game sound ‘design’ is still very poor. I planned at first a better use of sound in this project, but it will require even more work time (which is already too short). You’ll notice that “sound effects” are being reused between characters. If this annoy you, please just mute your sound (I might add sound options at some point)

– Samantha ‘Tennis Dress’ character sprites have some ‘continuity’ problems (missing visor) that will be fixed later

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