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Glassix – 0.30.1

Added bad endings to gallery
Changed walkthrough link to wiki link in main menu

Bug corrections
Solved bug with fullscreen (tahnks James Smith!)
Solved bug with Fujiko handjob on chair and bed (Thanks Dylan!)
Translated remaining french inside the english file (Thanks Henz!)

French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Chinese translation updated by Bill Wong

v0.30 Changelog


  • 3 new virgins available for the spell corruption event
  • 2 new sub events during the harem ending
  • 4 bad endings: Aiko, Rin, Naomi and Mitsuko

New Sex option

  • Fujiko level 2
  • Mitsuko vibrator event added

Bug Corrections

  • Solved bugs at the end of the museum date (Thanks ic95!)
  • Added some missing images for the married girls event
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