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Glassix – 0.29.2

Here’s the procedure to play Glassix on Linux.

  1. Download the patch here (v1.3). It can be applied on any version of Glassix.
  2. Download the latest version of NW.js from here. Choose the normal Linux version (64bit version if you are using 64bit Linux version or 32bit if you are not sure what version is your Linux distribution).
  3. Extract the NW.js package and move the directory wherever you like and rename it as you see fit. This is going to be the game directory.
  4. Extract the patch and copy its two files inside the game directory mentioned above.
  5. Download the latest version of Glassix, extract it and copy the “package.nw” file and the “bgs”, “characters”, “data”, “scenes” directories into the game directory.
  6. Play the game using “Glassix.sh”. You may need to flag the file as executable the first time and confirm you want to execute it every time you double-click on it, depending on your Linux distribution. This is important, don’t use the “nw” file, my script does more than just executing the program, it checks at every execution that everything is in the proper place. Don’t get alarmed if some of the files disappear, it’s correct.

On a side note, you can move the game directory where you want any time you want and patch it whenever there is a new version. The “Glassix.sh” file takes care of everything every time something changes. This is different from the old patch, that was much simpler from the point of view of the code, but more complicated for the end user.

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