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Glassix – 0.25.0

Fixed bug when starting the game
New events list interface:

This new page is accessible from the top right scrolling menu or pressing F6 during the game. It lists all unique and daily events accessible in game (I removed a few which were not relevant though). It uses a simple color code :
Events in white are completed
Events in grey are not completed
Note that repeatable events reset each day so they will only become white the day you completed them then go back to grey the next day.

I’ve taken the time in this update to organize events a bit mot properly. Now they have a type and a trigger condition.

Unique: It will trigger only once during your playthrough. Some unique events can sometimes be repeated if the wrong choices have been selected.
Repeatable: Those will be reset each day. Among them, some have conditions which only repeat each X days, such as christmas events.
Trigger condition:
Walk: Those events automatically triggers as you walk around and fulfill the conditions
Sleep: Those events trigger when you go to sleep. Only 2 events so far use this trigger type.
Talk: Those events trigger when you use the “Talk” option after interacting with a girl. So far, only the new student uniform quest uses this trigger.
Give: Those events trigger when you give the right item to a specific girl. So far, only giving the diamond necklace to Hikari to get her vote uses this trigger. If you already completed this quest, no need to retry it because this small event doesn’t have any H content.
90% of events have a Walk trigger but I’m hoping to give more interactivity in the game and maybe CarpeNoctem will have some use for those 3 new trigger types to give more diversity in events (before this, it was hard-coded so not much liberty).

A filter allows you to quickly search through them.
Filter by name: Filter all events containing the string you typed.
Filter by type: Mentioned above
Filter by girl: It will filter all events where the girl you want appear in its trigger conditions (Girl must be in room condition) as well as events linked to the girl’s gallery
Filter by trigger: Mentioned above
Finally, clicking on an event will list all its conditions in the bottom right panel. Here again, a simple color code is used :
Fulfilled conditions appear in white
Missing conditions appear in grey
With this new interface, you should have a complete understanding of what you can do in game. Moreover, since this interface parse the game files directly, the listed conditions can’t be wrong like what could happen in the wiki or the walkthrough. Finally, this list is automatically updated as the game gets more events so no more missing events.

This should really help make the game clearer for everybody and resolve a lot of problems some of you had to trigger specific events. You will now know why it’s not working.

Complete choices list during events:

Similar to the new events list interface, this update will helps makes things clearer during the game. Now, all choices will appear during an events. It uses a simple color code as well:
White choices are accessible choices
Red choices are accessible choices which will trigger a fail. Failed choice usually give an affection penalty but some rarely trigger some naughty result so keep an eye on those.
Grey choices are inaccessible choices and can’t be clicked
Choices requirements tooltip:

Similar to event trigger conditions, choices have requirements to become accessible. Listing all of them as explained above will give players the complete list of choices in game. While hovering a choice, if it has any requirements, they will be displayed in a tooltip which also uses a simple color code:
White requirements are fulfilled requirements
Grey requirements are missing requirements
With this, you’ll just have to remember the grey requirements, fulfill them then retry the event to get access to this choice. It should make the game less of a hassle in general.

Layer system:

I’ve implemented a first version of the new layer system for the girls. When a girl appear in town while you walk or when she talks during an event, instead of having only 1 image displayed, the game will show 3 layers : naked, underwear and cloth. This will allow the player to see the proper underwear below the cloth and allow any combination of cloth/underwear. This won’t work during H images in events though so as explained before and as the poll result decided, we’ll only prepare a fixed set of images for this part.

This new layer system is not perfect yet. The edges of the cloth and underwear have lost transparency during the process for some reason I still have to figure and the automated process is not perfect when removing the required part. This is quite visible for girls with pantyhoses or socks. We’ll correct those images manually at a later date since it’s not that game breaking and not too annoying visually yet.

New events:

I’ve been busy with all this new stuff on my side but don’t worry, thanks to CarpeNoctem, you’ll get new sexy content:
Kristina level 3 and here related commands
6 new teaser events for Lily: Accessible for her level 0 or 1, they are intended to make her easier to level up meaning faster access to the end game
Blowjob variation for some girls
New academic training for Okimi, more expensie than with Saiko but more rewarding
Added Shiho house in Street O, Southside
Added Miwa house in Street P, Southside
Added Fujiko room
Bug fix:

The events list and choices tooltip have actually helped me figure out a lot of problems in some events which I’ve fixed. I also got reports for some annoying bugs here and there so here are the most notable ones which have been fixed:

Fixed bug where sexen was not displayed in the hero status page even after Lily opens shop. You will now know how much sexen you have without needing to go to her shop.
Yastumi chain night event have been fixed. With the choices tooltip, you should now be able to easily figure out how to complete this chain.
Some of you reported you couldn’t unlock Emika. This was due to a bug in her meeting event and has been fixed. So if you’re missing Emika in the girl list but her meeting event is indicated as completed in the events list, you’ll have to edit your save file with a text editor, search for “stewardesslift”:XXX, and remove this part to be able to trigger the event again. Sorry about that ;x
Fixed bug where choices requiring money could still be clicked even if you didn’t have enough money.
That’s all for this update. Less H content, sorry about that but I think it will make the game easier to play since all the required information are not shown and easy to access. I also couldn’t complete everything I had planned for this update, like adding proper tutorial events for the new features or adding H options for the sport and swimming classes but don’t worry, those are not forgotten and will be added at a later date.

I also couldn’t fix all the reported bugs, like missing images in sex events or girl behaving strangely during the playthrough but they are on my check list and will be solved asap.

I tried to test most of the new stuff but as always with this kind of new features, new bugs could appear so let me know if you encounted any trouble with this new version.

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