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Girl Life –
– Bug fix release, no new features
– Inhibition skill added to replace large parts of exhibitionism, exhibitionism now a trait by Hornguy6 and Kevin Smarts
– School schedule with next class listing from 3xpurt
– Change to game file extensions when split for editing, not noticeable in game but an ease of use fix for the devs from 3xpurt
– Lay out changes to some city screens from Akossi
– Some new atmospheric sounds from nutluck
– New item descriptions from Akossi
– New difficulty settings from Mona Lisa
– Bimbo system converted to the trait system for further clarity by Kevin Smarts
– Pubic hair styling from Hornguy6 with fancy image table by 3xpurt
– New modelling shoot and standardization of brother sex progression from Hornguy6
– Expansion of car wash event by sovietmercader
– Lactation system overhaul and new events by milky_boobs
– Flashing centralized and logic fixes by Mona Lisa
– More info and ease of use for stripping from Hornguy6
– More tattoos from nutluck
– New selfie handling to allow for images based on clothed, underwear or nude from nutluck and Kevin Smarts
– School girl starts now have the option of Pavlovsk or your grandparent”s place thanks to 3xpurt
– Scale for intoxication from alcohol changed to give more flexibility and realism by 3xpurt
– New menu system from 3xpurt with seeding through the game by blatte, julzor and Kevin Smarts
– Crime and punishment system with street walker and a thieving event by blate and nutluck with code from Kevin Smarts
– Fixes to the many broken village events by sovietmercader and 3xpurt
– New grey theme for when the night theme is too dark by 3xpurt
– Height adjustments in the cheat menu and a bmi value for Sveta by 3xpurt and julzor
– Food and menu fixes by 3xpurt with menu designs from Akossi
– New start – Cursed School Boy from Pandora with some code fixes/changes from julzor
– Exercise options tidied up with less blank screens and clothing requirements by 3xpurt
– image links and files all changed to lowercase by bicobus, image repo updated by nutluck
– New syntax packages for Atom, Sublime and VS Code from Xorgroth (F95 zone)
– Reshaping of the Pavlovsk setup to make it 4 main hubs and to remove the individual blocks except for the Parents one by Kevin Smarts
– Code clean up and massive amounts of fixes by julzor and 3xpurt
– Text edits from nutluck and blatte
– Translations by Blatte, jmts16 and Akossi
– Bug fixes from hornguy6, test234, sovietmercader, Mona Lisa, nyanobot and Kevin Smarts. Plus much assistance from people on the forum.

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