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General Practitioner – 0.0.10c

New story arc: Stay Fit will continue the “Erika Story Arc” whether you are her girlfriend or not. After July 27th and after completing the chain of events of “Joy Festival” join Erika in a funny event which takes place at the gym, at the beach and in a new location!
Useful console commands for this release are (SHIFT+O to open console, not available for Android):

$ erika_trust = xx (where x is a numeric value from 1 to 100)
$ gf_erika = True/False (makes or not Erika as your girlfriend)
$ girlfriend = 0/1 (determines if you already have a girlfriend or not. If you decide Erika to be yours also set this as “1”)
jump sf_intro (jumps you directly to the “Stay Fit” story arc)

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