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Game of Whores – 1.1.7h

– Second round of “Game of Whores” competition
– Increased amount of money you gain after work/strip
– Beginning of the cleaning mechanic (optional humiliation)

– New background for Cersei room
– Cersei room and wardrobe is accessible now
– First part of Cersei personal route

– All clothing from Dany Clicker! has been added
– White t-shirt for wardrobe has been added
– Slutty santa costume with small side conversation based on it
– Continuation of the side-story based on Wonder Woman costume
– Now she can wear all costumes for market walks
– 6 new variation for old Daenerys costumes (Cabaret, Pyra, Leia and Aqua) with small side conversations
– Maid outfit (part of future mechanic)

– Maid outfit (part of future mechanic)

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