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Forgotten Paradise – 0.10

  • ~160 rendered images (including the animations).
  • Big emphasis on the update is the sex scenes with different characters! One of the main reason for having that many in this update is because I wanted every lady who hasn’t had one in a while to get a turn. Since we might be approaching to a new place very soon in the story and the characters might not get another chance.
  • We have NTR/Voyeur scene (with handjob and vaginal), then we have 2 more vaginal, footjob, boobjob and finally a double blowjob.
  • Pregnancy & Birth finally happens to one of the characters in this update.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed & corrected bugs on version 0.6 where an error pops in one of the paths right before MC is about to take a shower before going to Andre’s room. Also, in 0.9 if you haven’t previously saved Dahlia another error will pop up there. That has also been fixed. (Note: You might need to load a save prior to these points in the game to see the changes if you had encountered the errors before or if that doesn’t help, a new game start might be required.) I know there might be other things that need fixing and I will go back whenever I spot something and fix it.
  • Another thing to mention is that Ruby was referred to as ‘Cyborg’ which was false. It has now been corrected throughout the story as she is an Android.

I would just like to mention that I have adjusted all paths so that people who turn off NTR in the options will still make sense somewhat of what is going on. But I’d like to say that if you turn off NTR in the options menu you might be skipping some storylines and the version might feel a tad bit short.

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