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Fetish Stories: The Asylum – Final

Final version contains Felicity Abusems, Dr. Horney, Mary, Elaine, Bonnie, Ashley, Nikki, Selina and Heather endings, plus:
For the ones of you that played the last update there won’t be much new stuff in here:
– The solo ending where you escape the Asylum with Jason. Trigger it when you helped Jason with the Rope and got rid of Injection XX. Flee through the tunnel shaft and meet Jason in the shed.
– If you want to escape with all of the Boys you need the same requirements, but you also need to free Jack! And that might not be possible if you did not help him out during Day 1! Keep that in mind.
– The three different auction endings are easy to trigger. The game will simply remember which of the ladies you chose back in the cell when they were visiting you. You will be shipped to one of the different 3 endings then.

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