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Farmer’s Dreams – R10

New 3D scenes:
Nina | 45 pictures + 1 animation (21 frames) |
-> After the R9 scene with Nina, talk to her in her bedroom
Elf | 13 pictures |
-> Go to the map previously blocked at the forest (path to goblin’s mountain)
– Furnace (+ building system) to smelt ores into ingots
– Copper tools available
– New bomb tool
– Easier fishing (no x,q,w keys)
– New bait to make easier to catch a Waryfish
– Opening chests gives Exploring points
– 6 new quests
– Less lag in the farm map
– Graphics updates in 9 maps
– 3 new maps (Bridge to Capital, Mine 2nd floor, Crystal Cave)
– Nina’s 2D sprite updated
– Scythe available after new quest in the beginning of the game
– Elise regular visits to your father (optional)
– Buy Flour from Sam’s mother
– Crystal available to watch new scenes (only after you reach the end of the previous version)
Bugs fixed:
– Bug when asking Sam to help stealing booze if you could already bought them
– “She loves her ‘shrooms” quest completing the wrong one after finished
– Getting caught by goblin making the fairy scene restart
– Stones considering Hunting level instead of Exploring level for the random drops
– Couldn’t receive recipes if inventory was full (go to your house to receive the recipes you lost)
– Time of the day interfering on caves lighting
– HUD graphic glitches (alignment of some pictures)
* I received a few bug reports from player telling me their tools weren’t working. I still didn’t find the cause of this problem, but I have added the Scythe as the first tool you get in the beginning of the game, this way you can test if everything is working before having to play through a lot of stuff just to discover your tools don’t work. Plus, if this doesn’t solve the problem, at least it will make it easier to understand what’s causing it.

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