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Farmer’s Dreams – R10.52

R10 or if you want to help checking the new version for bugs.
• bugfix: Getting stuck after Laura scene (after second party)
• bugfix: Mia disappearing forever and Vincent story not moving
forward after he going to the Goblin’s Mountain
• bugfix: Heather character appearing in the village after the lake scene
• bugfix: not being able to use tools
• bugfix: chest duplicating items bug
• bugfix: being able to walk on the bridge to capital
• bugfix: rocks reappearing at mines fixed
• change: Sink bait don’t require Sly herb to craft anymore
• new: save files now shows in game pictures
• new: you can now name your save files
• new: press 1(for Q slot) or 2(for W slot) to rotate between the tools you have in your inventory – you don’t need to open the items menu to change tools anymore. If you have a save that you can’t use any tools load it in the new version save it again and reload.

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