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Farmer’s Dreams – 6.0 Alpha

– Wood logs in the farm are now collectible.
– “Responsible Partying” not being marked as completed/failed fix.
– Fixed not being able to steal booze with Sam.
– Fixed wake up hour after party bug.
– Time stopping when holding an item bug fixed.
– New Relationships Menu (with gift list and favorite gift). Press Shift to fast travel to the girl’s locations.
– Fixed the menu not being accessible during the “Get Some Water” quest bug some people encountered.
– Fixed gifting milk to Evelyn bug.
– Added the option to bring Marcus with you for the lake scenes.
– 1 new tool: Fishing Rod.
– Added fishing mini-game and quest.
– Dialogue busts are now animated (implemented only in the first (intro) and the new scenes for now).
– Moon scene is back with some small changes in dialogue.
– External Text/code implemented (first and new scenes only for now). This basically allows me to make changes/update/fix to the code and dialogues in a easier as faster way.
– 1 new character introduced.
– 1 new area
– Main story progression.
– 19 new CGs, 1 new sex scene.
– Hammer tool not removing fences fixed.
– Chest system was improved. Stacks are now automatically combined and you can have unlimited chests (not obtainable yet).
– Auto Dash is now available in the Options Menu.
– Game reset key was changed from F5 to F12.
– Wait until 9PM option added when interacting with your bed.

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