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Farmer’s Dreams – 4.2


– Added the “Get Yourself a Nice Girlfriend!” scene again
– Added Elise’s new schedule event
– Seeds not being spent bug fix
– Getting locked at the lake area after party bug fix
– Fixed bug on Mia’s relationship menu

*(14 CGs) New Laura Scene: Talk to her at the store having at least 2 hearts with her (won’t happen if she lefts the party embarrassed).

*(6 CGs) New Evelyn Scene: Rescue her cat and have at least 2 hearts with her, then go to your farm.

*(4 CGs) New Mia Scene: Talk or her at the elder’s house having at least 1 heart (before giving her your mother’s necklace).

– Fixed Title Screen bug that made the time advance. The game could then start on Day 2, 3 or more. This was causing bugs like Nina’s grandmother don’t counting for the chickens quest.
– Crops won’t die if not watered anymore, it will just stop their growing until you water them again. Hopefully this will also fix the bug of crops not growing.
– New time speed: 1 minute in game = 2 seconds (2x slower then before)
– Time stop when menu is open
– Reset crops option (just in case your version is bugged and you want to keep your save file. Interacting with the chest in your room will reset them and give you 500 gold. This won’t be available in the next version)
– Wait Until Open Time added: now you can interact with the boards in front of specific places to jump the time to when it’s opened (only if it will still open in the day you are, you can’t jump a day with this)
– Bug fixed – holding item when inventory was full would lock the system, not allowing you to open the menu again or to get hid of the item you were holding (some of you experienced this in the Wood for Elise quest)
– New menu indicating character’s location and some extra data (only female characters for now) – if you already talked to the person in that day, gave the weekly gift and how many times you flirted with her.
– You can now transport directly to a character’s location by spending 30 Stamina Points.
– New job system with 2 jobs added: working in the PUB and in the Store. The system is still in early stages, but you can make some extra gold now.
– Party sending you to your old house bug fixed.

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