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Fantasy Trainer – 0.5

-Added Elizabeth Rape scene
-Added Elizabeth Finger scene in dungeon
-Added Elizabeth and Mary finger scene in dungeon
-Added new dialogue to Elizabeth
-Added some images to items in the shop
-Added Elizabeth Jerk off Dialogue and handjob dialogue
-Changed the way you chit chat with Elizabeth, now random to increase variety
-Fixed bugs that crashed game when talking to Elizabeth and Clea

|—Avaiable H scenes—|

-Missable Sex with Clea
-Missable Sex with Sarah
-Missable Sex with Pacifica
-Rape Elizabeth in room
-Stare/Jerk off to Elizabeth
-Stare/Jerk off to Elizabeth’s tits
-Spank Elizabeth
-Finger Elizabeth
-Have Mary Spank Elizabeth
-Have Mary Finger Elizabeth
-Have Mary strip naked
-Have Clea strip naked
-Have Sarah Flash tits
-Spank Mary’s butt in the dinninghall
-Handjob From Elizabeth
-Handjob From Elizabeth without top on
-Dance from Mary with maid outfit on
-Dance from Mary without any clothes on
-Grope Mary’s tits scene in dinninghall

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