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False Hero – 0.02

This version already includes, at least, 2 hours of gameplay. The game contains 5,067 dialogue blocks, containing 71,138 words and 381,558 characters.
Important information:

  • Too much things changed in the game, so old save will not work.

Major changes:

  • New event and dialogues with Lucy.
  • New event and dialogues with Tiffany. (Two path: Love way and NTR way.)
  • New content with Twins. 4 dialogues and the longest event in the game. (Patron only content)
  • A lot of different additional dialogues throughout the game (Seth, Mark and Melanie, messages, stolen data and etc.)
  • Prologue for Melanie and in the beginning of the game.
  • I got help from one person from f95zone, so thanks to his corrections and suggestions demo content was almost fully changed and fixed. You definitely should check this to feel the game anew.

Minor changes

  • New start of the game. Now the game doesn’t start with the café event.
  • Removed a couple of late scenes in the game. A lot of places in the game were fully rewritten. Removed a lot of things that I decided bad for the game.
  • Café event was rewritten significantly and became much shorter.
  • Some interface changes (now you can see how much dialogues left before event. New style of choices in the new update)
  • Fully remade café for Twins
  • The bug when you clicked on the “history” in two events that resulted that the game crashes has been removed) and a lot of other small changes and bug fixes

Other stuff that I probably forgot to mention.

  • “The game contains 5,067 dialogue blocks, containing 71,138 words and 381,558 characters.” So it’s practically in two times more than in the last version: 2,518 dialogue blocks, 35,284 words and 188,190 characters.

First release.

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