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Fallen Doll – 1.20

Bed – Missionary
Pillory – Anal
Pillory – Vaginal
Pillory – Fingering
Pillory – Forced Kiss
Side Chair – Vibrator
Bed – Fingering
Bed – Titjob
Bed – Cunnilingus
Bed – Vibrator Masturbation
Bed – Anal

Japanese Localization Added
Various animation improvements
New patrons Added
Previous Aristocratic supporters added to credits

New Year Special Edition:
Bed – Missionary
Pillory – Anal
Side Chair – Vibrator
Bed – Fingering

Improvements on
Bed Cowgirl
Bathtub Missionary
Bathtub Anal
Shackled Blowjob
Whip Marks
Body Textures

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