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Fallen Angel – 0.14

This update includes the new Area, the Graveyard. At the moment it’s more of a test Area, though. Once it’s fully implemented, it will follow after the Cave (or Swamp). For now, you can only access it by using the cheats from the Basement. To do this, simply press “7” when in the Basement to instantly go there (I have included the instruction with the txt-file as well). It also doesn’t have any exits at the moment, so just close the game if you are done exploring.
Even though it’s only one test floor at the moment, it already includes the majority of content for the Area. You can find 4 new enemies there:

  • the Ghost,
  • the Werewolf,
  • the Deathmask,
  • the Ghoul*

Each enemy has 2 different Sex animations, so there are 8 new in total here. The Ghoul is a bit of a special case, though. It can only be spawned by the Deathmask, and because of it’s unique features (you’ll see what I mean), it won’t have a reverse-animation. So I don’t count it as an enemy for my Area-slots (2 normal enemies, 2 Monster girls, 2 Tentacles).
So basically the Area is still missing 1 normal enemy, as well as the tentacles. I’ll include those in the next update (together with the reverse-animations for the Werewolf and Deathmask and Gallery-function) to completely implement the Area. Shouldn’t be too long, I think.
For now you can freely try out the new enemies and tell me what you think. If you find some bugs, be sure to report those as well.

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