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Fall of Ashenburg – 0.8

Story and scenes

Storyline progression, two new scenes (one normal and one animated)

New Dungeon: Cultist Hideout
During the gameplay progression the access to the new dungeon will unlock. It contains new enemy types new items and new challenges to overcome.

Note: You may notice that above level 5 and in the Cultist Hideout you won’t be able to use the Legendary weapon, Banhammer. This is intentional.

As the story of the game continues to progress, these areas are going to be opened up as well for the quick progression but as for now, we would like to encourage everyone to face the new dungeon in a standard way.

Level cap increased to 8.

New feature: Combat talents
Upon reaching level 4 and each new level afterwards, players will be granted a talent point on level gain. These points can be spent at the Mysterious Guy during nighttime.
Talents are unique abilities enriching the already existing combat skills, potentially adding a new edge to the combat system.

Note: If your old save contains a character who already passed level 4, you should receive the appropriate number of talent points during the save file update to the latest version.

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