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F.I.L.F. – 0.6.2

– Fixed a problem that made rollback (mousewheel) sometimes caused the player to create duplicates of their inventory.
– Fixed a problem that made it impossible to see Aubrey’s second strip scene with the disguise (Caused by going to sleep after buying the disguise).
– Fixed a mistake that didn’t properly show the drink(s) item info in your inventory.
– Fixed a bug that made Melissa’s progress bar get a +1 on times where it shouldn’t have.
– Moved Melissa’s lingerie scene button on the laptop to it’s proper place, as it’s now happens later within her questline. – Candi now has a graphic upstairs as she waits for you to speak to Sam once you request help from her.
– Removed a bug that caused you to do Melissa’s last scene over and over again.

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