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Extracurricular Activities – 1.60

* Dozer Day 20
* Update Dozer Day 6 and started Day 7
* Corrected typos/errors/inconsistencies from previous days from Google documents
* Updated Library Background
* Updated Credits
– Day 20 Dozer – You get to spend the day with your big, kaiju boyfriend! He’s got a fun day in mind, and well… things can take an interesting turn.
– Add in the Library Background
– New pose, clothes and face for Dozer!
– You’ll notice one character’s name is ???, despite him having a name. I left it like this, as that’s possible to change in the future.
– One other note I’d like to add. While dealing with just single character updates, I’ve been able to really put more into a character than what I would normally do. For example, Dozer’s and Harold’s updates are both roughly the size of 2 character updates combined. It’s really nice being able to do that with some of these updates.

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