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Eros’ Lust – 0.2

-Added 5 days worth of content for Alice. You can start her story by completing Anna’s day 5 event, then on day 6 Alice will call you asking for your help.

-Introduction of new character (Nia)

-Added the ability to skip days after you finish Day 1 (Be aware that if you skip days without talking to one of the girls you won’t get any points for that girl! This will make it very hard to unlock scenes for them!)

-Added the ability to rewatch H-Scenes you’ve already unlocked. When you get to Day 10 a new option will show up that allows you to go back to your room. If you go back you’ll find you’re now able to get on the PC, which is where you can access all the old scenes.

v0.1 Full Release
-Added Stories for Anna & Nicole
-10 Unique H-scenes each
-Fixed some minor bugs/text errors from Demo
-Changed Introduction around a little bit from demo to fit the story better.

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