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Enchanted –

– added a link in the sidebar area to report bugs and issues via a special form
– new messages indicator is displayed separately from all notifications
– add new dialogues to the younger cousin, including talk about panties accident
– younger cousin has a new activity: recording in the music studio
– learning Latin is much faster
– learning spells is changed: it takes three steps, every step is followed with its own picture
– three new spells: Spell of Humiliation – decreases cock size, Spell of Proud – increases cock size, and Spell of Hunger – increases oral fetish
– new dialogues with the demon aunt (without new quests yet)
– minor changes, fixes and improvements

Nightly Build (15th December)
– Freedom Fight quest is finished
– new item: women socks
– bug fixing and other minor changes
– cheat menu is expanded
– consumable items have count indicators
– the main hero can use Spell of Transfusion on himself
– Spell of Incitement can be applied on the hero and relatives
– new talk options with the aunt
– quest placeholders for the dominant storyline

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