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Enchanted –

– added archetype-specific masturbation gifs

– added quest for buying panties (sissy story line)

– added new sex actions: deepthroat and angry dragon (only for dominant male)

– minor fixes and changes

– added sex scene in the Dungeon with the younger cousin

– added the quick start link (skips initial quests) in the tutorial page

– added shaving quest (sissy story line)

– body shape influences amount of energy

– added images for the intelligence stat

– trial of silk now has “days past” progress bar

– fixed the error with the elder cousin weekend schedule

– sex statistics now works

– added footjob and hotdogging sex actions

– added a half of the ‘getting caught jerking off’ scene (sissy story line)

– ‘Study the Book’ now has an approximate list of spells

– elder cousin’s panties check image depends on the player’s state

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