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Duo – 0.2

We strongly recommend managing multiple save files for this version since scenes branch heavily (branches are worth checking out).

Main story scenes: Both for Julia and Leo’s perspectives with multiple different outcomes. ~18 main story scenes.
Side story events: Multiple side events for both Julia and Leo.
Two new locations: Opens with main story progression.
Changes to Lena: Changed her appearance slightly. Also changed her introduction scene (only new games will see her new introduction).
4 New characters were added.

Game-play features:
Swap points: Added support changing between the protagonists in the middle of the scene, in some scenes.
Save system: Removed save file limit (now unlimited). Added colored badge on top of saves to indicate the active character (Blue for Leo, Pink for Julia).
Locations stay in place: Active location no longer moves to the far most left to avoid confusion now when many locations are available.

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