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Due Process – Beta

– rewrote some existing scenes
– introducing new subject Anna
– some new branching and new consequences from existing branches
Gameplay Mechanics
– play dress up with your slaves
– have sex with your slaves
– note: this can be locked out based on your choices in the game
– new tasks for subjects
– subject will choose their own makeup if you task them with specific outfit; subjects will choose their outfit if you task them with specific makeup
– note: their choices will be based on their current stats
– keywords mechanics
– note: very limited used currently
Under the hood
– replaced all portraits and task images with layered images, significantly reducing file size
– note: due to a small Ren’py bug, standing portrait images still uses old composite image until next patch, but has no impact on game
– keyword descriptions can now have different stages
– geeky note: keyword descriptions will store the indices and use a lookup table to spell out the text. This means all the lookup text can be changed in the future without original text left in save files.
– streamlined conversation code and UX
– both the HUD and the conversation screens preemptively checks whether there are available dialogues before enabling option
– this means if no normal conversation is available but unlocked dialogues are available, you can click on chat
– this also means after opening up chat screen, it will only display NPCs with available dialogues (including unlocked ones) will be listed as options, preventing possible scenario of going through each NPC to see who has available dialogue – which was what the original code would have done
– player can exit chat by choosing cancel
– tasks can contain specific outfit or available outfits
– if subject is wearing something different, either the specific outfit or first available outfit is chosen
– meals now carry a cost internally // need to add mechanics to take cost from facility
– initial code for finance management
– dinamic character portrait placement in rooms
– dynamic event trigger schedule
– since Karen’s training has no end date, Anna’s 30 day schedule is generated by code instead of hard coded like all previous triggers
Bug Fixes
– fixed bug where conversations will end immediately after each topic, now will only end when you cancel or you’ve exhausted conversation topics with them
– various bug fixes from 0.3.0 to 0.3.1

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