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Dreaming of Dana – 0.090

The Dana+Maria getaway and a few bug fixes.
I’ve gotten a fixed translation for all of the text in the game, but didn’t get a chance to implement it. It would of meant delaying the patch by a day.
I’ll make sure to do it in the next one.
To trigger the event, all you have to do is redo the Dana+Maria second date, then talk to Dana at the office. Just like the Andrea getaway.
Please not that the events take place parallel with the Andrea getaway, and that they are mutually exclusive. So you have to use a save from before that.Hope you really kept those save, like I said.On the issue of sharing Dana. I know a lot of you are VERY touchy about the subject.
If you didn’t share her during the Dana+Maria date, the issue won’t even come up. There will be a brief talk with John about how she’s all yours, and that will be that.
If you did share her, at one point you’ll have the option of deciding whether it was a one time thing, or not.

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