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Domination Quest – 0.9

This update doesn’t have any new “playable content” outside of what was added in v0.9[5], instead much of the work put into this one was directed into fixing a few things that annoyed me during the development, as of trying to get the game balance a bit more right so battles aren’t as much of a chore. While the balance its still not where I want it to be, it should be a lot more rewarding now. The attributes have been reworked to be a bit more simple in its works, so random enemies won’t do things like reflecting your spells in regular basis (I can’t speak for a large number of misses, as in play tests the accuracy was pretty good but it might’ve been just luck). Enemies attributes have also been reworked to match the new characters style.
The biggest change you guys will notice is one of the main focus of the update, the monetary inflation. As I felt like the speed in which players could get money and the costs of the items and equipment weren’t lining up. So all the monsters gold rewards have been changed so it follows the price table of the current “armor tier” of the game area. The second biggest change levels. Instead of the classic incremental experience values needed to up a level now, every single one requires 100 experience points. Each main quest grants one new level and each side quest will grand 25 points, so one extra level per 4 side quests. The plan is for players only doing the main quests reaching level 30 while side quests will give the extra 10 for the level cap of 40. Monsters and bosses have also been balanced as if the player is only doing main quests and wearing the most advanced equipment for that region, so the game is both fair to those that aren’t interested in the extra content but also rewarding those who are with a little hand in money and levels. Quests experience rewards have been changed to match this new system, but the gold reward wasn’t, as I’d prefer to adjust them after playing through each area of the game and getting the feeling of how many golds in average the player will get.

If you have an existing save your character will probably be way above the designed level for the region you are, as the level progression a lot slower in this new way. After a bit testing to make sure everything will work well I’ll make a calibration event to set those who desire it to their intended levels in the new system, but it shouldn’t cause any problem if you desire to keep your character the way it is.

The engine itself has been updated to its beta version, 1.6.1, and a bunch of plugins has also been updated. Between them a better-looking options menu. I don’t know if the new version will cause any game-breaking problem, but if it does I’ll make a roll-back to the 1.5.2 and see if it fixes it.

And that’s it for this new version. As I said, no new playable content, but it took some time to plan all these numeric changes and then some more to get them implemented and tested. The original plan was for a mid-month release, but it just took more time than originally thought. Now, for the download links.

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