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Domination Quest – 0.10.1

And here’s the first batch of re-worked maps for the game. This update is fairly small, as expected, with the maps for the region of Bordon being replaced by the new versions. The next release will happen once the next area of maps is done.

Short fix patch to correct a crash that was happening when trying to return from Verdant to Bordon. Now the transfer event should be working properly. I’m also working on a new patch module, where instead of uploading the entire game again for the fixing patches I’ll just upload the files that need to be replaced, to install it just grab the content from the patch and throw it in your game’s folder. There’s one patch version for each system for an easier time.

Small changes for this release, but quite the important ones. The maps for the region of Verdant have been revamped with the new versions and a few rewards texts have been changed to reflect the real rewards. But the biggest inclusion is the first art piece by Lily. If you’ve already seen Leia’s scene in Verdant you can see the image in either of the Memory events at Lust Palace or, if you haven’t got the scene yet, just go to Verdant and Talk with Leia after the main quest there. The work in the next CG has already begun.

A few fixes for Merilyn’s quest. Now you shouldn’t get stuck in a black screen when having a dinner at her farm and the entire quest should play out without any issue.

– Changed the maps for the region of Bordon;
– Fixed the transport from Verdant to Bordon;
– Revamped the maps of Verdant and Bordon’s regions;
– Changed a few rewards texts;
– Added the CG for Leia’s Verdant scene;
– Fixed a few bugs with Merilyn’s quest.

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