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Diaper Quest – 1.5

  • New loading screen for the hotel region by JamJarMonster!
  • Character Window clothing image from Jammy:
    • Existing items:
      • Runic headband
      • Flowing priestess outfit
      • Sexy exercise bra
      • White latex giant bow dress
      • “Trick me” briefs
      • “Daddy’s little girl” panties
      • Mary jane shoes
      • Queen of hearts heels
      • Wedge heels
      • Red and black suspenders
    • New Items:
      • Bunny class stuff (see below)
  • Addressed an issue with the character window where many dresses clipped with the male torso. Where this would happen, the game instead uses the female torso for now.
  • Experimental food changes. When messing is enabled:
    • You never get hungry
    • There are no longer 25% chance of bad outcomes for eating creme eggs, pink nuggets, strawberry laces, fudges or toffees.
    • In this way, food is always something to avoid as it gets you closer to messing which is a real pain in the butt, pun not intended.
    • However, there’s still many reasons to actively eat food – for one, candy helps you win the game!
  • Easter themed bunny class with two different sets:
    • Bunny hat (obtained by wearing the bunny diaper in the pink wardrobe) spawns bunny outfit.
      • Chocolate eggs periodically spawn, ruining the hat’s +2 dexterity bonus. Eat the eggs to regain the stat bonuses!
        • There’s no further downside to this (except for the new theme of avoiding food in general, if messing is enabled)
      • Bunny booties can spawn if you’re not wearing any other shoes, they are very humiliating but get a +2 magic modifier, -1 for each chocolate egg in your possession.
    • Bunny glasses (obtained by pruposefully opening a container you’ve searched and found that there’s a trap) spawns bunny dress.
      • Bunny-vision lets you detect traps more reliably when searching containers.
      • Bunny socks will spawn with a +1 magic modifier.
    • All bunnies get +3 dexterity while in the woods.
  • The dungeon toilets are no longer found ‘gross’ by players in diaper quest.
  • When you examine yourself it now reminds you of any NPCs who have ordered you to stay in diapers.
  • After your bag of holding has become a diaper bag of holding, NPCs will prioritise (disposable clean) diapers in your bag before producing new ones themselves.
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