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Degrees Of Lewdity –

You can now overwrite saves without first deleting them, thanks to Quin2k.
Exhibitionist characters will now have an additional option when catcalled in the streets even if not wearing a skirt.
Added the mock and tease speech abilities, available in non consensual and consensual encounters respectively.
Mocking an NPC’s insecurities will restore control. Control cannot be restored to a higher amount than you began the encounter with in this way.
Tease is similar, except a successful tease arouses instead of restoring control. Both require a beyond normal awareness.
New characters may choose a background that alters starting stats. Each has a disadvantage.
Entering the wrong changing room at school may now have more severe repercussions.

Balance Changes
The forest ritual scene that can occur following passing out at the lake will now end sooner.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue causing the performance in longer games to drop. Thanks to Lavos for identifying the cause, and Quin2k for finding a solution.
Fixed a bug making some submissive actions more effective than intended.
Fixed a bug preventing the angel and fallen angel transformations from properly increasing attractiveness and allure.
Fixed a bug that caused losing your virginity with the angel transformation to prevent other transformations from starting.
Squids will no longer rub you while swimming if bestiality is disabled.
The option to be lewd with dolphins will no longer appear if bestiality is disabled.
Making Robin cum in the cinema will now get semen on your face if they have a penis.
Cuddling in your bed with Robin will now redress you if you get out of bed without sleeping.
Fixed a bug causing Robin’s gender to sometimes swap after fetching them water.
Having your arms held down while giving a handjob will no longer continue the handjob.
You can no longer straddle a penis, or push yours against an orifice while wearing a chastity belt.
Fixed an issue during encounters where beasts would be referred to as just “The”.
A second pair of underwear will no longer appear beneath your first should you show the beach pervert your genitals after asking to measure theirs.
Fixed a bug causing teenagers to appear at the lake during rain.
The “Rub” action when a penis rubs against your ass or pussy will should now be auto-selected if you picked it last turn and the NPC refrained from penetrating you.
Being attacked in the school toilets after having your clothes taken will now correctly lower control.

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