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Degrees of Lewdity –

Balance Changes
Trauma traits will now be considered “in control” if your sense of control is anxious or better.
Two of the events triggered by searching pots in the lake ruin are now stressful.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug causing visiting the cinema with Robin to become unavailable until the following day.
Fixed a bug causing – trauma actions to increase trauma.
Fixed a bug inverting the apparent controlled status of trauma traits in the Traits menu.
Trauma traits should now be properly enabled if your Control bar is below the intended value.
Fixed a bug causing the “You feel more confident in your powers of seduction” message from appearing at inappropriate times.
The lake vore encounter will no longer happen if your hallucinations are under control.
Fixed a bug allowing the insomnia and nightmare traits to function despite being under control.
Descriptions of enemy states detailing their pain, arousal etc. will no longer disappear within certain ranges.
The third science project should now be doable for characters already in the middle of the project.
Resting during a vore encounter is no longer marked as a bratty action.
Fixed a bug causing fish at the lake to be described as eels.
Leaving the lake with the teenagers while hunted will no longer cause you to be hunted immediately upon reentering the forest.
Fixed further issues with being caught masturbating in English.
Fixed a bug causing Harper to materialise in place of a rapist.

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