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Degrees of Lewdity –

Added a “Stop hugging” option when hugging Robin.
Added an experimental “soft” mode, which makes the game less brutal. The main changes are flagging all encounters as consensual, and removing the pain mechanics.
This mode is unlikely to remain unchanged, and is likely very buggy.
Added a slider to settings which controls the rate that allure triggers events.

Balance Changes
Increased the rate the swimming skill increases.

Bug Fixes
Slime and semen will now wash off in the middle of the lake.
Fixed an issue causing events to trigger back-to-back at the lake.
Fixed an issue with text refering to Robin as male regardless of their actual gender.
Fixed a bug causing cuddling Robin to increase rather than decrease stress and trauma.
Fixed a bug preventing Robin from leaving for school or work while being cuddled.
Fixed a bug generating phantom tentacles if a tentacle stopped squeezing your breasts together while a second was fucking them.
The deviant options after howling in the forest will now increase deviancy and restore control as advertised.
Fixed some gender confusion during a blackmail scene.
Fixed a bug preventing the swimming skill increasing if practicing in the lake.
Students will no longer journey to the lake on rainy days, only to vanish once there.
Fixed an issue preventing Landry from being available despite having their black box.
Closed a herm portal opened by performing in a show at the brothel.

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