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Defenestration – 0.3a

Fast travel – unlocks after initial introduction to the “rebel’s base”, use sewer entrances.
You can now change narration during H-events from second person to third – use Kiosk at the Hospital area to turn it on/off, I moved it closer to the hospital entrance.
Two new outfits: uniform from hypnosis, and winner of the poll – you can get it at the rebel’s base, I have plans for it in the future update/updates.
Two new character busts.
Two new locations.
Two new quests, one is completely finished and another will be advanced with each update.
Three new events, accessible right at the end of this update. Two of them are hypnosis related and the third one is a BE (Breast Enlargement) event, not related to the Bimbo route (but stackable with).
Overall there are 28 new busts of Kira, with bigger breasts. And here’s the list of events that got an updated art because of the BE scene (Park, Dorm Shower, Tunnel, Subway)
Important Notes:
Save before the new BE scene, it has a chance of not working if you choose to get paid instead of paying for it (Don’t grind for it, it has the same art and dialogue in both cases).
There is a new item “Jammer” it will show alternative dialogues during new hypnosis events in the NEXT update, it doesn’t work yet (Again, don’t grind for it).
New quests lock old Hypnosis events, so if you haven’t seen them on your current save and want to have their consequences – do them before new content.
There is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes in this update, be prepared for some bugs. Save often please.

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