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Defenestration – 0.3.5

Park exposure minigame. (You need to complete all four hypno sessions with Chief Officer and then go to sleep, new events will be added to it progressively)
Law & Order system.
Patriot outfit (third one from the last outfit poll, you can buy it at the Mall).
Ability to walk around topless (Rebel, Patriot and Casual “Ghost cut” outfits, unlocked by one of the npcs in the park minigame ).
KGB Agents will attempt to arrest Kira if she walks around topless.
Court story related event (Not an H-event)
New lower back tattoo (You need to get arrested, speak to one of the inmates then; Events that show this tattoo right now – dorm shower, pet training and bobby park event).
“D” button now shows Kira from her back (only naked for now).
“Pet training” event.
Reactions system – Npcs are now able to recognize what Kira is wearing and if she has a tattoo shown (Now I only need to write text, it will be added automatically).
Those feature were hard to implement, but now that we have them in the game, it would be easy to add new content and scenes to them. I intend to use the same concept as the park minigame now has, so please tell me if I should tweak it a bit and make it harder or easier.
To do list:
Event with KGB Agent – “bribe”, dialogue changes and comments (if Kira is topless or has a tattoo visible), Character busts.

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