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Defenestration – 0.25a

– Fixed game “freeze” during Lenn-Y’s initial interaction.
– Some dialogues were working out of order, they should work fine now.

Due to some changes in code – your save files won’t work properly, events and dialogues won’t play out “the right way”. Please start a new game, and save often.
(Seriously, I’ve changed a lot, save often!)
Updated artbook and a bugfix will be ready later this week.
Rework of variables and stats
Rewrites of some events
Interface change
Implementation of random events “System”
Final hypnosis session with “Chief Officer”
First random event (conditions: wear “ghost cut” casual outfit, hypnosis level 1, use subway), it has stages. 10% chance of triggering.
Pressing “A” key – shows Kira’s bust on screen
Pressing “S” key – hides it
Pressing “Ctrl” key – hides textbox
Holding down “Enter”, “Z”, “left mouse button” or “esc” – fast forwards dialogues.
You can get another jacket at dorm (second floor, wardrobe), after completing “Suit up” quest and talking with “Tolstoy” again.
You can change between cuts of your “casual outfit” for 5 rubles at the tailor shop.
Jacket and “Ghost cut” change their appearance after new hypnosis session.
Started adding reactions to some npcs (to Kira’s tattoo, her outfit).
Testing out “fame system”.
Other things.

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