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Deep Impact – 0.1b

Sandra Revamp: Older sister Sandra has been revamped to look more like a younger version of the mom!

All Sandra scenes have been remade to look better and we will further work on it to make 0.2 look even better than this.

Note: Only scenes that included Sandra have been remade due to time restrictions since we

really wanna start working on the amazing 0.2 update.
Quick Menu reverted to Default settings
Updated GUI – The main menu has been converted to a simpler,efficient bar on the game screen. (Hidden for x-rated scenes).Everything is 1-click away.
All Contacts from the Prologue can be seen in the “Contacts” menu.

Note: Right-clicking now opens the main menu

Updated Time System- In future builds, you will be to fast forward through time.
Grammatical Errors

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