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Debauchery In Caelia Kingdoms – 0.2.6

  • Celia’s story line finished! With a total of 9 quests (divided in two different paths, depending on your past actions with Itzel), and a corrupt and pure ending, it has some steamy content at the end too!
  • Next 3 quests for Vivica, this finish all the introductory quests for her, but she will have a very magical role in the story for 0.3!
  • Added option to transform Itzel (breasts, dick), but still no kinky scenes when you do this.
  • Added 2 choices to corrupt Itzel via hypnotism, with a total of 26 short scenes: A route with public use and a route without it. NOTE: Currents text are for her pure and loving ending, next month I will do the text for the dominant pure ending of her.
  • 13 new sex scenes for the workers that live in the barracks, includes sex, anal, titjobs, hairjobs and more fun stuff! With variants for futa, men and women.
  • A lot of bug fixes, some of them very important, but also a lot of minor corrections to grammar and writing, broken pronouns, etc.
  • A potion to grow a vagina in the store, kinda of a critical omission: If you didn’t started the game with a vagina, you couldn’t get one in game. Well, now that’s fixed at least!
  • Added 3 new hairstyles for the dragon, so the number of baldies will be reduced significantly!
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