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Damsels and Dungeons – 0.15.2

New Content:

Druid character is now available.

UI Improvements:

Combat screen has been greatly reworked, with buttons for the combat actions and other improvements — this is largely the work of Seven Deadlies, who loved the game enough to work on making it look better. Thank you Seven Deadlies!

Bug Fixes:

You no longer encounter the Dragon after you’ve killed her.

Functionality Changes:

Pirate now has a “Pass” option at range, in case you are worried about her grapeshot breaking Charm or similar effects.

Your Queen, Concubines, and Slaves may be appointed to run your Temple, Brothel, Dungeon, or School, provided they meet the qualifications and are not already busy being Head Girl. This will retire them from active adventuring, making slots available for other characters, but you can still interact with them from the building menu.

Many sex actions now produce better results when the girl is really horny, and somewhat lesser results when she doesn’t. The girl’s lust and a random factor are both involved. Kinky sex actions are less affected because they already speak to the girl’s fetishes. The likelihood girls with a humiliation fetish come from being taken in public is also affected by a random element.

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