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Damsels and Dungeons – 1.08

New Content:

  • The goal of fathering a new generation is now available.
  • New trait, “Fertile” allows some girls to become pregnant — so be careful. :) Pregnant girls will refuse to adventure once they are sure they are pregnant.
  • Potions are now available that allow girls to become fertile.

UI Improvements:

  • “Stat Traits” help has now been broken down into the types, since this was confusing for many people. The help is in pairs, e.g., “Agile/Slow” rather than a separate entry for “Slow.”

Bug Fixes:

  • Starting your first adventure in the plains no longer has a chance of causing an exception.
  • The Valkyrie led foursome will now properly be available and meet the other qualifications. The Huntress will no longer have the foursome option, and therefore will no longer show the Valkyrie-Heretic-Druid foursome. The Huntress continues to be available for four way action from the Harbinger menu, with the Drow.
  • Giving a character a new name now works again.
  • “Adventure” no longer displays if there aren’t 4 girls available (for any reason, not just rest)
  • Everyone dying no longer prevents “Adventure” from showing up.
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