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Damsels and Dungeons – 1.03

New Content:

  • Daggers, Staves, Maces, and even Shuriken can now be found in the world.
  • Healing and Mana Potions are now in the game. You start with a few, and the merchant will sell more.

UI Improvements:

  • The Temple that you build is now called the “Sanctuary” to avoid confusion with the temple at the edge of the plains.
  • Adventurers can now Advance and Retreat, respectively, to a specific place in the party order. In addition, the acting character is graphically indicated by the lack of an advance/retreat icon on her. The Advance/Retreat option has now been removed from the list at the bottom, creating an extra place that can be used in the future.
  • Players are no longer required to select a target for targeted attacks (Hunter’s Mark, etc.) when only one valid target exists.
  • Added “Support on Patreon” link on the main screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Game no longer returns an error when you wait too long to bury or resurrect a dead girl.
  • Screen should no longer display woods background at some inappropriate times.
  • Girls should be superimposed on each other less.
  • Nimble and Stealth now properly effect Poison attacks
  • Score now properly gives bonuses for girls with Queen, Concubine, or slave status
  • Lazy girls returning from Orech no longer take the old 1 day penalty from laziness.
  • Message now displays properly if a girl is left in the care of the Dungeon Mistress.
  • Many of the games unique objects are now a level higher than “Fabled”, to stop the game from breaking or not assigning them when a player has Fabled items for all characters.
  • Lesbian encounters will now display both girls even if they are of the same class.
  • Deciding against hiring a whore in Orech no longer removes the option to do further things in town.
  • Fixed a bug that caused heavy armor wearers to be ineligible for magic items.
  • The command you have given Felicity no longer has effect after she leaves your employ.
  • One no longer ends up at the temple after random encounters in the plains.
  • Foursomes now cost attention, as intended.
  • Changing your mind when buying a bracelet of insatiability no longer produces an error.
  • Buried characters can no longer be slaves, concubines, etc.
  • Inappropriate options have been removed from dead characters.
  • Dead whores no longer continue to provide benefits.

Functionality Changes:

  • Saves from previous games no longer work in 1.03. This will pave the way for new functionality in future versions of the game.
  • Rogues and Ninja now use Daggers as melee weapons.
  • Stealth no longer modifies dodge rating, but rather opposing to hit ,which should function the same in most circumstances
  • Stealth no longer carries over from fight to fight
  • Girls who only enjoy sex with other girls will no longer become your Queen, Slave, or Concubine.
  • Auto Combat is no longer enabled on the last encounter of a trip, which if often a tougher encounter.
  • Crystals gain from fabled items modified slightly
  • It is no longer possible to donate girls who are your concubine, queen, or slave to the Temple.
  • The party is now only partially healed at the turnaround point.
  • The merchant appears more frequently now that she has cheaper items to sell.
  • Damage now has a “type” associated with it, and some beings may be resistant or vulnerable to particular types of damage. Furthermore, armor does not affect some types (Fire, for instance) and has a different effect on piercing damage (which is more likely to bounce off and do no damage at all, but does full damage if it finds a space in the armor) than it has on other damage (where it reduces the damage)
  • The to hit bonus of high level characters and monsters is somewhat lessened when facing high level opponents.
  • Barbarians can now get Bella’s Ring.
  • Adventurers assigned as whores now make you money based on their ability to do the job. Low lust characters without the promiscuous traits and without any fetishes may make you nothing. High lust characters with lots of fetishes and the promiscuous trait might make you as much as 9 gold and 3 mana a day.
  • It is now only possible to choose “Enjoy your <relationship type>” once per day. This fixes an exploit where it was possible to use zero attention actions on a girl an infinite number of times.


  • Damage typing produces some balance quirks here and there. Wands in general get a buff, since they mostly ignore armor, and they often have damage types that mobs are vulnerable to. Arrows and Daggers and Rapiers will hit a little less often, but do more damage when they do.
  • The Pirate now has a normal “Shoot” option in addition to her grapeshot attack.
  • Girls in general lose affection somewhat faster.
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