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Damsels and Dungeons – 1.0

New Content:

New Class, the Paladin. Provides front rank power, especially against demons and the undead. Has a little healing, and can help your party replenish mana. There’s a quest for the Paladin to, but it is only unlocked once she has a couple of fetishes.

A new random encounter leads to a new NPC.

Lesbian encounters now show a graphic containing the two girls, if they are not of the same class.

UI Improvements:

Talking to Azielle will now give you an update on what you still need to do for her quest.

Girls on quests can remind you of what they need to do, when you talk to them.

Initial set up now has a graphical user interface rather than just a set of Ren’py menus.

Rested girls who have a quest to do now have a “*Q*” after their level on the town and party selection screens.

Girls who can both level up and are rested now have the “Level Up” text in Green (same as the Rested text) rather than Blue.

Girls who cannot level up, are not rested, and are not whoring, in Orech, etc., but who have negative affection, now display “Unhappy” in red, instead of their number of rest days.

Character who are Stealthed, Tanking, in Bear Form, enjoying the Nimble bonus, or Parrying now display a different picture in combat.

Bug Fixes:

“Riposte” now correctly identifies the Pirate as the parrying person.

Functionality Changes:

Starting with day 20, the game will now charge you a small tax in gold each day. This effect is very minor compared to character salaries.

Your choice of Mage, Aristocrat, or Womanizer at the beginning will now have an effect throughout the game, providing either a point of mana every other day, one gold per day , or 2 points of lust (distributed through your entire roster, so less per girl if you have a larger roster) per day. The net effect of these two changes should be to make the game easier in the beginning, and harder in the end. If anyone has a save from before this was a choice at the beginning, they will be considered an “Aristocrat.”

New trait “Generous” is roughly the opposite of “Greedy” — Generous characters take less salary and worry less if they don’t get something.

Girls now lose affection when you let a day pass without levelling them up. — essentially, they feel they deserve a raise and aren’t getting it.

Girls now gain affection when leveled up.

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