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Damsels and Dungeons – 0.8

New Content:

  • New Fetish: Bondage.
    Girls into bondage can be tied up for either short or long periods of time, with lust increasing effects.
    The first requires less attention than most actions; the second continues for potentially multiple days until you decide to release her with no attention cost.
    There is also the opportunity for bondage sex (which for the moment, uses the same renders as rough sex).
    Characters in long term bondage are not available for adventuring or other interactions until released.

UI Improvements:

  • Menu spacing has been reduced, stopping choices from scrolling off the page in some circumstances.
  • Added trait help for traits introduced in 0.7
  • Characters that have been commanded to walk around topless or naked now appear topless or naked in combat as well.

Bug Fixes:

  • Characters no longer get 4 traits sometimes.
  • Parties in the plains no longer sometimes proceed despite having fewer than 4 party members.
  • Having Anal or Rough sex with a Valkyrie no longer causes an error.
  • Clicking on help for the Studious Trait no longer causes a floating point error.
  • The Collar of Slavery no longer appends the fetish “None” to the characters fetishes, which produced errors in other parts of the code.
  • Submissive girls in roster now properly lose affection if you serve the Domina mistress, rather than causing an error.
  • Stats are no longer displayed after you finish burying a character.

Functionality Changes:

  • Characters no longer keep Leather Armor once they have Chainmail.


  • Characters of level 4 and above now get a higher daily wage than before.
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