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Curious Town –

– Sub Parts for Jennifer is finished. (You know when you have the countdown and try to stop her. Before, on release 0.4.5, you were only able to see the scene but it didn’t stop the countdown etc… and you had only one scene. Now you have the all 4 Scenes with Texts following + a cool feature (to my mind). After each sub scenes, she will try to corrupt you (she will seduce you), if you keep your calm or accept her the favor you could increase a lot the timer and accelerate your potential “End”

– End Events that worked only with maya. Now should works will all characters (It’s true this time. Normally

– Reduced price for Rita (You need at least 35$ instead of 40$ to not been “Punished”. If now you have more, before even if you had let’s say 250$, she tooks you everything, now only half. The end up Here events price are lowered too (70$ then 80$ and last is 100$)
– Added 6 Ends if your will has reached 0 when you are in the slave room (Quite short but it’s different than the original/default one)
– Updated the porn star names in the Mobile Phone “About the game”

I have added for those who are bored about redoing everything the “Admin commands I used to enabled manually between each updates”, Now it’s available to all by opening the mobile phone and choosing : 4 – Activate Admin Commands (You can add money, add souls, I have some useful TP, enable Maddy pre-requisite, Give Spells, Sms Tests) etc… Please tell me if you like this option or want it removed next time. Anyway I think it make sense to have it for now due to “Small additions” and to avoid you guys to redo everything again and maybe discover some interesting things you missed !

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