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Cure My Addiction – Beta v3

Current reported bugs:

  • Saves from previous version might not be fully compatible.

11/08 Patch (re-download the game):

  • Fixed Emily’s Help last star in the progression window. It wasn’t updating.
  • Fixed 11th star in Aunt Makes Mistakes.
  • Fixed Chloe Dressing Up 5th and 6th star.
  • Added more Notebook entry for “No Privacy”.
  • The “Cuni Contest” is not random anymore, you’ll see all possible outcomes and then it will be random.
  • Some dialogues that were supposed to spend an hour, didn’t anymore, it has been fixed (i.e. : Talk longer to Susan).
  • Fixed reported typos.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the progression of “Emily Try Anal”, the midnight meeting didn’t trigger.
  • Fixed some image issues, characters clothes were missing (sorry :heartcoveredeyes:).
  • Emily and Chloe showers are not random anymore (random once you’ve seen all).

Beta-3 changelog:

  • 3 New events
  • 4 Events with new content
  • In the progression window new events or event with new content have a « new » green suffix.
  • New GUI, added a top bar with more info.
  • You can see your exact stamina.
  • You can see for how many days you are at full stamina.
  • Numbers of days without chores is more visible.
  • You can see how many days without chores you used.
  • New feature “Dialogues count”, when talking to a NPC it will not count as an hour but will add +1 to this counter, when it reach 4 the game add one hour.
  • The door in the corridors now each have 3 buttons to quickly peek/enter/knock in a single click.
  • There’s a stamina icon and how much is needed on actions that require stamina.
  • When Chloe is sick there’s a new icon to show this status on the new top bar.
  • I reduced the cooldown on most of the events.
  • I added Saturday as cleaning chores day, this day can’t be skipped by using a “day without chores”.
  • Increased the success chance on some events.
  • Added some “hard reminder.” i.e. If Susan and Rachel are waiting for you and you are in the corridor MC will say something.
  • The progression window now works per save and is not global.
  • The progression windows show if you need a good or bad mood.
  • Added a new feature “Notebook,” when a character says something important or when you do some actions leading to an event, it will add an entry in the notebook to guide you to the next step. It replaces the pseudo-hints available before.
  • Added « Game Over ». If you go above 3 punishment in a week or if you reach the game over threshold.
  • You can now see which actions increase or decrease a character’s mood. It should allow you to control mood more easily.
  • Drastically reduced the game size by changing the images format. (If you notice something odd with an image, please report it.)
  • Fixed reported bugs and a few others.
  • When a chores distraction had multiple outcomes it was random. It will now have a priority on those you didn’t see if you meet the requirement to see it.
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