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Cure My Addiction – Beta v2 Fixed

Chores System:

When studying:

Alone: One possible distraction with Emily.
With Chloe: 3 Outcomes

  • She helps you
  • She teases you
  • ????

With Emily: 5 Outcomes

  • She helps you
  • She mocks you
  • She teases you 1
  • She teases you 2
  • ????

Result during dinner: 3 outcomes

  • Punishment
  • Nothing
  • Moral boost

When cleaning (every Wednesday):

Pool distractions:

  • Linda x1
  • Chloe x1
  • Emily x2


  • Emily x2
  • Rachel x1
  • Chloe x1

Hot tub:

  • Chloe x2
  • Emily x3

Result during dinner: 3 outcomes

  • Punishment
  • ????
  • Moral boost

Mood Scenes

Emily: Footjob, Handjob, Poolside Handjob, Cunnilingus, when masturbating.
Chloe: Hot tub, spanked by MC, see naked.
Linda: Massage, Strip Lv2, Handjob, Blowjob, Morning Exam with Chloe, Naughty Doctor (Join her).
Susan: Sacrifice
Rachel: Night visit, midnight bath, stealing homework, MC spanking.

New hidden event
Involve, Linda. (Tell me if you can’t find it.)

Major Event: Chloe’s new punishment.
Once unlocked it enables the pain threshold mechanic and Chloe’s favor point.
It also unlocks some actions when you caught Chloe during “second peeping tome.”

Minor Event Progression: Pleasant Surprise
You can find out more if you manage to hide somewhere before Rachel and Emily enter your room.

New Event : Rachel’s helping hand.
If Rachel caught you masturbating and you noticed her starring, you can talk to Susan to know what to do next.

Minor Event Progression: No Privacy
New scene if you unlocked “Rachel’s helping hand” and she agreed to knock.

Major Event Progression : Aunt Makes Mistakes
After the event you can talk to Chloe or Emily about it to continue.
Once you find out how to be “invited” in Rachel’s room there are 2 choices (for the moment), they’re both available but one must be unlocked first.
During the “contest” it can be a win, a lose or a tie, they all have different scenes.
You can also peek with 2 outcomes possibles (caught / not caught).

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