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Cure My Addiction – 0.1.3

Bugs fix

  • Fixed reported typos.
  • It was possible to miss some “stars” in Is She Sick events if you unlocked the rectal temperature without looking at the oral one. Linda will now use oral check if she has a good mood to allow you to see the outcome after having unlocked the rectal temperature.
  • It’s now not possible to ask Chloe to be sick on Friday and Saturday.
  • Once you asked Chloe to be sick, you won’t be able to ask her again the same day.
  • At 20:00 if the “Aunt Makes Mistakes” event triggered, Rachel and Susan won’t be in the interior.
  • + Fixed a few other minor issues.

New feature
You can now disable femdom content (it’s a first step)
It has the following effects :

  • Changed Rachel’s “Night Visit” to a version where the MC will only get warnings from her.
  • You can’t lose a contest in the “Aunts Makes Mistake” event.
  • The chores event involving MC and Susan has been changed.
  • The intro has been rewritten if you disabled femdom.

Existing events

Chloe’s New Punishment:
Added more reasons to punish Chloe.
Added a new action for favors.

Naughty doctor
Added a new scene when you caught Linda.

New scene if you didn’t listen to her.

Aunt Makes Mistakes
Added a new contest.
Added 2 new punishment for Rachel.

Emily try anal
Added anal sex success.

Aunt Finally Finds Out (Poll result)
Added a scene.

New events

Introduction to Yoga
You can now do learn Yoga from Rachel in the morning.

Before Bed Relaxation
You can join Linda in the hot tub.

Truth or Dare
You’ll be able to play Truth or Dare with Emily and Chloe.

Chloe’s training
You can start a special training for Chloe.
It also adds new punishments.

MC will be able to take revenge on Chloe and Emily for distracting him during his chores.
You are now able to distract the girls when they are attempting to do their chores

Mr. Elwell stepping in
You need to “complete” all events to unlock this one.

New corruption level

Chloe Level 1

  • 8 new possibilities for existing and new events.

Emily Level 1

  • 8 new possibilities for existing and new events.
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