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College Life – 0.2.1

  • added over 70 new images
  • added 4 new animations (another 140 images)
  • added new event to collect signature to dormitory 2nd floor hallway
  • added new event for mrs. Anderson in her bedroom
  • added another new event for mrs. Anderson in her bedroom as a continuation to previous event
  • added 4 new conversation topics to acompany these two events
  • added 3 new conversation topics for Kimberly
  • added new event for Kimberly in her bedroom as conclusion to the conversation topics
  • added 2 new small voyeur events in Anderson apartment bathroom (1 for Kim, 1 for mrs. Anderson)
  • updated Elisabeth’s event in the dark alley with 2 of the mentioned animations
  • reconstructed Jane’s “Drunk Sex” event and Joan’s “Sexual Education” events to fix saving issues (it should be save to save the game there)
  • it is now possible to sleep at Joan’s bed at 11pm any day (click on the empty part of the bed)
  • fixed bug, where it wasn’t possible to save game after giving Kara her sundress
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