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College Life – 0.2.0a


  • added new images to Joan’s older content, where “shaved” variant was required
  • rerendered all images tied to Joan in the college main hall
  • changed an image in “Bush Decision” event, where Joan wears leggings, when she clearly shouldn’t
  • the text now shows instantaneous (no pauses between letters)
  • fixed bug that forced the choice boxes to show only 4 rows instead of all of them
  • fixed stuck image in the “Handjob” event in Joan’s room at night
  • adjusted time for the “growing” animation at the “Handjob” event, so the end of the animation isn’t cut
  • dissabled reloading quicksave with ‘R’, because it caused errors at various locations. Use ‘S’ and ‘L’ keys instead
  • for very quick players it was possible to enter MC’s room on day 1 before visiting headmaster by fast traveling and holding up arrow, before dorm receptionist started talking to him. That caused black screen until player somehow left the room. That is now fixed.
  • removed ‘Activities’ from quest log, because it wasn’t consistent with the rest of the content. Now activities are treated as any other repeatable events (in the new guide as well). Only works for new game. This change doesn’t have impact on old saves.
  • small edits on how to unlock voyeur content
  • changed the size of the game window to 1 280×720 pixels
  • unlocking library fast travel point also unlocked gym fast travel point
  • fixed bug, where player could get stuck at entrance to women’s locker room at stadium, if MC’s spyed that day and haven’t high confidence to do it again
  • fixed bug, where an image got stuck on screen, if player decided to fall asleep, when Jane returned to room on friday night and woke him
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