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College Life – 0.1.7a

Changelog from v0.1.7 to v0.1.7a

  • remade tutorial at the beginning of the game
  • updated Jane’s achievements tab with the latest events
  • fixed bug where it was possible to go on a date with Joan by buying her new underwear but not giving it to her
  • fixed bug where the Friday night date with Jane was never considered as done, thus always played like it was for the first time
  • reworked cheerleader training event to play out differently based on the hour it was started
  • I have feeling like I have fixed something else, but it eludes me (or I’ve forgotten to fix it?), anyway, that’s all folks!

Changelog 0.1.7

New Content

  • added over 80 new images
  • added 4 new animations (another 120 images)
  • added small “Cheerleaders’ training” event in the stadium
  • added event “New Cheerleader” triggered by the previous event
  • added event “Friday Party” started in MC’s room
  • added repeatable variation for both big events
  • fixed bug in Jane’s lunch event, so she refers to Joan properly, if she met her during Joan’s college tour

Remastered content

  • rerendered intire headmaster scene (10 images + 1 new animation)
  • rerendered first encounter with Kara (8 images)
  • rerendered images from dorm bathroom that were too dark (10 images)
  • replaced Jane’s busts in the first encounter with Jane (27 new images)
  • replaced Jane’s busts in the first night event – waking up part (4 new images)
  • parsed and removed unnecessary commands from text in these events (amongst others small ones): Study with Kara in library, One of the workouts with Jane, all events on day one, all events in classroom
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