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College Life – 0.1.6a

fixed bug where the ‘Buying sex toy’ event would trigger day after MC’s last visit in the apartment, no matter what events are finished
at was also possible to start that event in a suit or swimming trunks
fixed bug where it was possible to watch porn with Joan right after she received her laptop
fixed left entrance door to the library, it had set wrong closing time
fixed a few missing lines in the sex edu chain of event, if MC hasn’t talked about a porn the first time he had a chance
fixed few typos that I have noticed

added 4 new animations (have to learn it somehow)
added over 120 new images (plus 120 for the animations)
added side quest “So Here I Live” (contains 4 new events)
added massage event for Joan in her room
added 2.5 sex edu lessons (the .5 depends is when you don’t do the 2nd lesson and gives you the option to do the 2nd lesson)
added repeatable event derived from one of the new lessons
added event starting at Joans room leading to the sex shop
added event at the Main Hall tied to Joan’s work
added option to sleep at Joan’s bed
added repeatable version of the date with Joan
slightly changed Jessica’s repeatable date, so it should be easier to get a kiss at the end
fixed the Westside mark on the global map, where it wouldn’t show up after unlocking the location
fixed Kim’s sprite poking through the darkness in the apartment (you have to leave the apartment to apply this fix)

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